Project Manager

Cecilia Mayoral

Project Manager

Cecilia is our Project Manager. Her participation in our team is crucial; she oversees Project management, which guarantees an organized and smooth process, and performs translation and proofreading tasks for all our clients efficiently and effectively.

She also exchanges emails with clients to achieve a better understanding of their needs and provide the best service. To ensure this, she creates an action plan suited to the requirements of each person and carries it out so that the finished product guarantees total customer satisfaction.

Cecilia’s academic background

Academic training of our Project Manager began in 2009 and continues to develop today. Below is a list with the most important milestones of her education:

Her most recent incorporation of knowledge was this 2022 when she took a course called “Business fundamentals: project management & Project Management Foundation” in relation to her current tasks.

Previously in 2020 she started a degree training (which is currently ongoing): Associate degree in Administration-UTN, Argentina.

In 2018, she took the CELTA Course Cambridge English – The Cambridge Centre, Blagnac; and in 2017 she completed the TEFL Course – Training Qualifications UK, Ireland.

Between 2009 and 2013, she completed her first professional language training, obtaining an M1 in English language and literature: teaching English for students of all levels–Colegio Del Carmen, Argentina.

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