International Women’s Day, March 8

International Women’s Day

This March 8, as every year since 1975, the year in which the UN declared that day as International Women’s Day, we commemorate the struggles and revolutions that women worldwide have carried out in defense of their rights: civil, labor, political, etc.

The origin of this date goes back to the mid-nineteenth century, at the height of the industrial revolution.

On March 8, 1857, textile workers took to the streets of New York to protest against the miserable working conditions, demanding a cut in hours and an end to child labor.

However, on March 25, 1911, the most terrible event related to the protests and struggles for women’s rights happened. The “Triangle Shirtwaist” shirt factory in New York burned down. The incident killed 123 women and 23 men, most immigrants between 14 and 23.

Most of the victims died from burns, suffocation, and even impact injuries from jumping from the eighth, ninth, and tenth floors of the building (or a combination of all of these).

This industrial disaster, remembered as the deadliest in the city’s history led to new occupational health and safety regulations in the country.

The Russia-Ukraine war also has the face of a woman

Today, Ukrainian women of all ages play a crucial role in defending their country against the Russian invasion: some took up arms and enlisted in the army. Others organized themselves in hidden places to make the necessary equipment for war.

Civil society organizations led by women have been active outside official channels, promoting the welfare of women, providing essential services to civilians in conflict-affected areas, and maintaining dialogues between ethnic Russians and Ukrainian communities.

Concerning the above, the United Nations has shown that peace processes in which women participated as witnesses, signatories, mediators, or negotiators increased their chances of reaching a lasting peace agreement of at least two years by 20%.

Among the enlisted women is the world archery champion Solomiya Trapeznikova, the same one who for eight years defended the honor of Ukraine in the army and rose to the rank of chief sergeant.

Lliia Trokhymets leads the “camouflage network”; She is in charge of a group of volunteer women of various ages hiding the Ukrainian tanks through the weaving of camouflage nets.

In the same report, another of the women who stayed and is a volunteer in the camouflage network noted: “I decided to stay. I have to be with my daughter, and I have to fight for my future and my country.”

Women falls in combat

Among the recent deaths, the death of the Ukrainian writer Iryna Tsvila toured the world. Bravely remembered Iryna was killed in combat on February 26 while defending Kyiv. According to the official reports, Tsvila died during an armored assault by the Russian Army. She had five children.

To conclude:

It is clear then that women face various challenges every day; in addition to working and participating in warfare, many are mothers and wives at the same time.

So not only during International Women’s Day is that we must work and empathize for equal conditions and rights, but 365 days a year, in order to achieve a fairer world, with more and better opportunities for each citizen.

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